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Tim and Jenna Seaton
We welcome thousands of new campers to Pinewood Lodge every year. Some stay just once, visiting Plymouth from a foreign country or stopping by while they trek across the USA in their motorhome. Some stay a few times, finding a “spot” at Pinewood – a favorite site, a shady spot to read, a preferred theme weekend to come back to each year. And some come back to us year after year after year, because we feel like “home”.Tim Seaton’s parents, Tom and Jeanne, began camping at Pinewood Lodge before he was even born. They lived locally, but fell in love with the forest and with the friends they made during their time with us. Within a few years, they became seasonal campers, setting up their first semi-permanent spot on site 50. That’s the first site Tim remembers.We had a chance to sit down with Tim and his wife Jenna this month and chat about why Pinewood is so special to them.

Tim grew up at Pinewood. He says that many of his happiest childhood memories came from his time spent with us. We laughed about participating in old pots & pans parades and dancing at the Lodge while DJ Steve Esdale played the songs of those times. He remembers falling asleep by the campfire as a little kid and dressing up for our Fourth of July floats in the Plymouth 4th parade. Jenna smiled along while Tim described his fondest memories, stating that she had seen pictures of many of them.

Tim’s parents left Pinewood as Seasonals before he was 10. His dad Tom purchased a small truck camper and a truck to tow it, and he and Tim came camping on the weekends a few times a year for many years. Tim says his dad taught him how to care for the camper, how to set it up, and what kind of “work” was necessary for a successful trip. We were always happy to see Tim and his dad when they visited.

Sadly, Tom Seaton passed away after a long battle with an illness in 2007. We felt his loss, and didn’t see Tim for a few years until he started coming camping himself. Tom had left him the truck and truck camper and charged Tim with the tasking of using it and keeping it up. Today, when we see that truck camper drive through the main gate or up the hill to the lodge we smile, because we KNOW it’s Tim.

Tim Seaton married the love of his life, Jenna, in September of 2016. They were married at Pinewood. Jenna says it took no convincing at all – she saw Pinewood for the first time while they were dating and said “someday I’m going to get married here”. In fact, when the couple announced that they would like to have their wedding at Pinewood, Jenna’s parents (Cape Cod residents who are inclined to boating and the saltwater beach), traded in their boats for trailers and their salt water for our freshwater lake. Tim’s mother, Jeanne, left camping to pursue other interests but still stops by to visit when Tim and Jenna are at Pinewood.

Tim and Jenna Seaton, married at Pinewood September 2016.

The pair say that someday they’d like to make Pinewood their summer home. They hope to raise children who know how special a summer at Pinewood is.

Thank you, Tim and Jenna, for coming back to us year after year because we feel like “home”.

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  1. serena June 21, 2017 Reply

    what a great article. We were at their wedding and you property is beautiful I can see why so many people come back again and again.

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