The 55 best things about Pinewood Lodge Campground


Pinewood Lodge Campground has been family owned and operated since its establishment in 1952. Our function hall hosted many weddings, parties and other functions during the first 10 years of business, and welcomed campers to its original 9 campsites in July of 1962.

This year – 2017 – we celebrate our 65th year of business and our 55th year of hosting campers. We are proud to serve you, our loyal customers, and we are grateful for all of the nice things that you have to say about Pinewood. Whether it’s our location, our friendly staff, the rustic, peaceful environment, or our beautiful function space that has drawn you to Pinewood, we are thankful that you continue to return to us.

Here is a list of the 55 BEST things about camping at Pinewood Lodge Campground… directly from our campers themselves!

1) There’s nothing like camping beneath the pines! -Cindy C.
2) The nice people that work at Pinewood -Joann K.
3) Everything about the place gave a strong message that they really care about the customer’s experience. They even rake the beach in the morning. -J.V.
4) The wonderful people you meet -Karen A.
5) It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long, hard week at work! -Einar H.
6) Pinewood has lots of activities for kids and adults both! -Barbara H.
7) The smell of the air – it’s very distinct and familiar -Tim S.
8) The fishing -Mark S.
9) This is me and my family’s favorite place to go every summer! We’ve gone four summers is a row and each year gets better! -Meghan R.
10) Being around the campfire with family. And the bands! -Jessica B.
11) The quietness at night -Lisa P.
12) Bingo! -Kara F.
13) The smell of campfire and the view on the deck of the pond when having a drink! -Erinn B.
14) It feels like going home -Marcia H.
15) The memories we make -Sean F.
16) The cabins -Sharon C.
17) The grounds are well kept -Lorraine F.
18) The staff is friendly and accommodating. Even the night guard who goes out at 10:30/11pm nightly was so polite and friendly!! -A.S.
19) I Love that this is a true family campground! The staff are friendly and in all the years of camping at Pinewood my children and now my grandchildren always have fun, Easter egg hunts, Christmas in July, Trick or treating , I could go on and on! -Laurie M.
20) I love the friendly people, the fact that you don’t cram in campers on top of each other, and especially that all the facilities are always clean. I don’t get there as often as I’d like but it is definitely my happy place. -Michelle H.
21) Bingo and Columbus Day Weekend! -Melissa S.
22) Everything! -Rachel E.
23) I love the cleanliness of the campground -Norma S.
24) Pinewood is beautiful!!! Between the amazing staff, the events and amazingly well kept & clean grounds it’s a tough call to say what our favorite thing is!!! -Jaclyn R.
25) The staff is always helpful. Love the little two room cabins, just big enough -Chris L.
26) Cleanest campground, quiet, and very friendly! There is always something to do rain or shine and the staff is always there if I need anything. I just love the place and people. -Mary G.
27) The serenity -Cheryle B.
28) It’s a wonderful campground and the staff was very friendly and helpful. It’s a great place to visit Boston (by train), Plymouth and Cape Cod. -Karen F.
29) It’s my family’s favorite campground! -Katie O.
30) Peppermint stick ice cream at the walk-up window -Jennifer F.
31) The views! -Jaclyn C.
32) Relaxing family fun -Kimberly M.
33) The camp is family owned and run. The family does a great job at making you feel at home and a great job keeping the place clean. There is plenty for the whole family to do without having to leave the camp. -Ken P.
34) The peace and quiet -Lindsey L.
35) Everything about Pinewood is the best! -Dawn J.
36) The horseshoe pits -Justin S.
37) The location and family Atmosphere -Helenanne H.
38) The great location -Joe R.
39) The weekend crafts! -Yolanda M.
40) The lake, the location, the friendly staff, the 4th of July fire on the lake , ice cream, Columbus Day weekend with the Halloween festivities, canoes, dances… I could go on and on.. -Sherry H.
41) Early morning kayaking -Jennifer F.
42) The pancake breakfasts -Sarah B.
43) The privacy -Sue S.
44) One of our favorite local campgrounds. Woodsy, great pond, nice place. -Lou D.
45) Actually SEEING people. Kids playing. People walking. Everyone is outside enjoying nature, making friends, saying “hello” and smiling as they walk by. Everyone comes here to “unplug”. I know I do. -Tina O.
46) The campers! -Martha M.
47) Columbus Day weekend where you can decorate your site and the kids trick or treat! -Jaclyn C.
48) The Saunders Family -Wendy T.
49) Friendly campers and staff. Fishing on the lake. Watching the kids play king of the raft. Love Christmas in July. -Dawn J.
50) Everyone is so friendly -Karin M.
51) I tell everyone how I camped all those summers and the great friends I met. I learned how to swim and rode my first pony…. -Colleen N.
52) It’s paradise -Kris M.
53) I love this place -Lawrence L.
54) The kids catching sunfish -Jennifer F.
55) Such fond childhood memories! I look back at the times camping here frequently. The best things: the fresh water lake, the serenity, the atmosphere, the general store with all the candy and fun things, how close it is to downtown Plymouth, and most importantly, how it brought so much joy in my life growing up -Elizabeth W.

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